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The dump needs to be the very last resort for disposing of an old appliance … recycling is actually the most effective alternative when possible

The Columbia appliance service expert is frequently asked what one should do with an old appliance when a client is advised it is not worth fixing. Quite a few think it is a shame to throw it out when there are numerous good components. Aside from being wasteful, the landfills are already too full so they do not need our old appliances.

When a broken appliance requires a high priced repair, most of the expenditure is labor charges, so the customer will probably choose to get a new one. On the other hand, there might possibly be way to salvage the appliance. One possibility is to check if there is a used appliance outlet in the area that will overhaul and resell it. If they cannot fix it they may be able to recycle quite a few of the parts thereby diminishing waste and preserving precious limited resources.

As explained by the Columbia appliance repair man, some districts have their own operations for getting rid of old appliances. Owners should call their agency of public works and find out about the collection and recycling of appliances in the area.

The refrigerator repair tech warns citizens about setting the unit out to the curb. Just before putting out an old refrigerator, an authorized technician must be called to remove and dispose of the refrigerant. Owners need to remove the door to safeguard children from becoming trapped inside.

Sloan Appliance Repair has a last tip for people who need to invest in new appliances. Owners should call their local utility provider to see if they furnish an energy reward program. Odds are they will pick up and recycle old appliances. Some utility providers offer kickbacks or concessions for buying Energy Star Rated appliances.

Maintenance is the most ideal way to save money by protecting against breakdown, improving efficiency and extending the life of the appliance. Visit for appliance care and maintenance guidelines.

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