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What Sort of Tow Truck do you Need?

Local towing service, Middlebelt Towing of Livonia, goes over the prime 3 classifications of wrecker truck traditionally worked with. Someone looking for a towing service provider ought to have knowledge of some helpful facts involving the variety of equipment their agency uses. While many choose to use very similar towing vehicles, Livonia Tow Trucks have a prime advantage over their rivals since they have more suitable equipment.

The type of tow truck use is crucial to owners of specific autos including luxurious cars or classic autos. It is essential to know that the vehicle will be cautiously looked after during the towing. Middlebelt Towing explains these prevalent kinds of Livonia tow trucks:

Flatbed Truck. This kind of tow truck is the most conventional choice if the vehicle being towed is a four wheel, or an all-wheel drive. The flatbed truck has a flatbed trailer that inclines while the car is pulled onto it by means of a chain wrench. The car is then secured into the back, preparing it ready for a safe ride. the Livonia Tow truck agent will tightly secure the back of the car to the trailer to avoid damage to the suspension.

Hooked Truck. This is the time-honored wrecker truck with a hook at the back. The hook is placed under the front of the car to elevate the front wheels from the ground. The towed car trails after the truck in this easy-to-fasten suspension. But, there can be some danger to the auto being towed, especially if the location is a very long distance away. This sort of wrecker should never be employed for towing a four-wheel or all-wheel drive car or truck.

Specialized Towing Truck. There are lots of companies who utilize unique trucks for various vehicles, for instance, motorbike. This can be either a pickup truck with a customized bed, or a full sized truck that will carry the motorcycle within the open back.

These are the basic categories of towing trucks made use of by Livonia towing companies to transport vehicles. To be safe, consumers should know which truck is the most appropriate vehicle to carry their auto.