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Dual Sculpting and CoolSculpting Willowbrook

Jessie Cheung MD Dermatology and Laser Center is also one of few practices in Illinois to offer Dual Sculpting, a technique that involves two Willowbrook CoolSculpting machines working simultaneously to reduce fat volume and create slimmer, more toned results in half the time. Dual Sculpting is ideal for busy patients who are seeking dynamic results but have limited time to spend in our office.

Am I a Good Candidate for Willowbrook CoolSculpting®?

Men and women who have areas of stubborn excess body fat that they cannot effectively treat with other methods may be candidates for CoolSculpting in Willowbrook. Although CoolSculpting® is ideal for reducing the volume of fat in certain areas of the body, it is not a weight loss solution or a substitute for diet and exercise.

Patients who undergo service by the Willowbrook CoolSculpting Specialist should be prepared to adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical exercise in order to maintain their results, as weight gain can potentially reverse CoolSculpting® results. During your consultation, Dr. Cheung will evaluate your health, medical history, cosmetic goals and treatment expectations to determine if CoolSculpting® is right for you.

When Will I See Results?

As the process of naturally removing fat cells from the body is one that takes place over time, patients may not experience the full results for several weeks or a few months after treatment takes place. Once the fat cells are removed, they are gone for good, but multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve desired results.

Based on your individual treatment plan created by Dr. Cheung, you will be advised on how many CoolSculpting® sessions you can expect as well as any potential risks and side effects that may apply to you.

Contact Jessie Cheung MD Dermatology and Laser Center today to schedule a consultation and find out how Willowbrook CoolSculpting® can safely and effectively recontour your areas of stubborn body fat.

Many men and women have areas of stubborn body fat that are difficult to target with diet and exercise. CoolSculpting freezes fat away…for good!

At Jessie Cheung MD Dermatology and Laser Center, our CoolSculpting® treatments are among our top-requested services for non-surgical fat reduction.